Creating your own pack can be very time consuming and there is a possibility of you making mistakes.

Hiring professional HACCP consultant can be costly and generally, they will charge you between £500 to £1000 +V.A.T dependent on your requirements.

The procedures, checks, and guides have been tried and tested in several catering outlets: all whom which have received a 5-star food & hygiene rating. The key is to follow the procedures and complete all the relevant food safety record keeping sheets as guided.

Important note: Only completing the food safety record keeping documents is NOT sufficient to reach and maintain a 5-star food & hygiene rating. You must ensure cleanliness of your kitchen, equipment, adequate pest control measures and other requirements are maintained to a very high standard and to the satisfaction of your local environmental health officer.

The HACCP Food Safety Book is the most comprehensive and easiest HACCP plan to use on the market.

The food safety record keeping sheets come with full guidance and take just a few minutes to complete.

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